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The Educational Resource Pack

The resource pack has been designed to be used in Key Stage 3 (Yr 7-9) Citizenship lessons. The pack addresses many of the KS3 Citizenship Key Concepts, Key Processes, Range and Content and Curriculum Opportunities in order to introduce the experience of British Moroccans as both distinctive and typical for British society. It presents these perspectives explicitly in terms of citizenship. It also ties into other KS3 subjects, including History, Geography, PSHE, English and Music.

The Educational Resource Pack is divided into three main sections:

1. History / Nation building: explores the rich history of Morocco, giving the students an opportunity to understand and engage with issues such as colonisation, women's history, identities and government structures. Whilst each topic covered allows the students to understand stories and facts about the building of the Moroccan nation, it also provides the students with the opportunity to consider the importance of different types of historical sources and to develop their research and creative writing skills.

2. People on the move/ Migration: explores the concept of migration through a focus on British and Moroccan Travellers, cross-cultural marriage, Moroccan musicians, Victorian Manchester, and Moroccans in the UK after 1960's. The students will engage with particular case studies of Moroccans, and be given the opportunity to empathise with the complex reasons behind people on the move/migration. These lessons will also give students the opportunity to freely share their opinions on issues related to migration, and prepares them to live more effectively in our diverse society.

3. Cultural diversity / Heritage looks at various topics related to Moroccan culture. These lessons give students the opportunity to compare and contrast the Moroccan food/drink/fashion culture with other parts of the world. Students will be encouraged to open up their mind to appreciate different cultural practices to their own. This section also address issues such as stigmatization and gives the students an opportunity to consider current Moroccan culture in London through listening to Moroccan music and reading recent quotes and comments made by Moroccan people.

We hope that you will find the resource pack of interest and that you will incorporate some of the lessons into your school teaching curriculum.

Click here to download a copy of the pack:

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